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Original Recipe

Some steaks come on a plate. Ours comes in a bag. Premium cuts of hand-picked beef are marinated in our Chef’s own soy sauce, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. This unique...

From $11.99

Chipotle Cracked Pepper

We combined the infamous chipotle chili, roasted jalapenos, and fresh cracked black pepper, to create an extra mouth-watering oomph to every bite. Yes, it’s hot. But trust us, it’s eat-the-entire-bag...

From $25.95

Honey Barbecue

 What’s the result of combining a blend of spices, honey granules, and a touch of molasses? The best-tasting chicken jerky on the market - barbecue grill not included. 

From $11.99

Buffalo Style

Our Buffalo Style jerky comes from a carefully crafted combination of cayenne red peppers, sea salt, and garlic powder, creating a powerful spice blend. It tastes just like your favorite...

From $25.95