Our Story

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky was created by Chef Blair Swiler & Dennis Riedel. Swiler was caddying alongside Riedel, and shared his homemade jerky with him – real cuts of premium beef, right there on the golf course. They then teamed up and began smoking and selling Chef’s Cut Real Jerky to golf & country clubs across the U.S. Today, Blair & Dennis’ vision is to change the way people, on and off the golf course, think about jerky. Every bag of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is made using hand-cut, premium pieces of meat that are marinated with real ingredients and cured using a proprietary smoking process. The result is a tender, nitrite-free, gluten-free and protein-packed jerky that is the best tasting and highest quality jerky in the market. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is the perfect chef-crafted snack that you can take with you wherever you go, even to places Chefs can’t. So go ahead, take the Chef with you.

Protein Packed. Gluten Free. No Nitrites.