Chef's Cut Variety 8 Pack

Chef's Sampler

If you’re not sure which Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co flavor to try, just try them all. With four steak flavors, three chicken flavors, and one turkey flavor, this pack has the perfect variety to get you started.

Real Steak Jerky Original Recipe, Chipotle Cracked Pepper, Asian Style Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy

Real Chicken Jerky Honey Barbecue, Buffalo Style, Korean BBQ

Real Turkey Jerky Teriyaki Turkey

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Customer Reviews

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I gave Dad a treat I knew he would love.

So Father's day gifts can be difficult, what to get the Dad who has everything? Your sampler pack made it easy. The perfect treat and selection for trips and camping.


My son is in the military overseas and asked for beef jerky. I googled and decided to try Chefs Cut. I ordered the sample pack so he could try a variety of them. He loved every single one of them. The response I received from him was “ Amazing “ Of course I ordered more for him!

Jerky at its best

Tested all 8 samples provided, having had one in the past a loved it, found 4 to be exceptional, 2 very good, and two that although good, not quite to my taste. Overall, your product is very moist, flavorful and most enjoyable compared to your competitors that I have eaten over the years.

I shared some with my associate who usually does not car for jerky, and he too found same to far superior to anything that he has eaten in the past, and in fact, gave up eating jerky due to the lack of tenderness and flavor.

You will be getting orders from us in the future since we can't find them locally in the stores.

Loved it

Great service and product!! 100%

Should be illegal !!

Had one piece and wanted to eat the whole bag ! This is really great jerky. Lots of flavor and chewy instead of rock hard like most. Will be buying more as soon as I finish these bags off.