Real Bacon Jerky


Simply put, it’s home-cooked breakfast in each bite. A maple syrup and brown sugar glaze coat our bacon jerky that’s cooked to crispy, yet tender, perfection.
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My husband and I love the maple bacon jerky! We polished off a bag as soon as I opened it! No restraint whatsoever!

Oh My God!

I have to say I wasn't expecting much with this flavor, as I've had other "bacon" jerkies in the past that were just pork jerky. I was pleasantly surprised to open the bag and pull out an actual piece of bacon, and when I bit into it, it became my new favorite thing. The texture is perfect, and the taste is perfect, just like dipping a slice of bacon into maple syrup (which I love). When my family members tried some, they all asked if I had more bags, it is that good. I will definitely reorder, as this is a delicious (and nitrite free, yay) snack.

Delicious and sticks to your ribs

I am very picky. The products I have gotten I share with my workmates. I wish there were no celery in them because it is as bad as nitrates but this stuff, in moderation, is very well made. i know jerky is aged but it tastes almost refreshing. Never experienced that. Doesn't make me thirsty. I love this stuff. Quantities may seem small but are reasonable given how you feel after eating one or a half. Great company. Very responsive and proud of their stuff. Maybe they will refine the recipe. Best, thanks.


This is hands down my favorite jerky. My previous company used to order this weekly as part of our snacks and I swear people we take two or three and hide them in their desks. You had to be there as soon as the snacks were refilled just to get one. My company now doesn't have a snack system yet so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

Sweet Treat

The Maple Bacon jerky is my new favorite snack--it has the perfect mix of umami and sweetness, and is surprisingly satisfying for not that many calories. I can't find it locally, so the subscription purchase option is genius!