Chicken Stick


Smoked chicken is slow. You move fast. Chef’s Cut Real Snack Sticks™ Barbecue Chicken lets you dine and dash. Packed with protein, and crafted by a chef from real cuts of chicken and his secret recipe BBQ sauce, it’s fine cuisine that moves at your speed. No charcoal required. 

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perfect snack

My boy loves these for in & after-school snack. The only problem is keeping them around as I like them too much too! They are a little pricey but between good on protein ratios and my boy liking them its generally worth it. A quick word about Chef's Cut as well though. This was my first direct order with the company and as luck would have it they made a mistake and sent me a box of the regular beef jerky rather than the sticks. When I alerted them to this they immediately fixed the issue and sent me the ordered snack sticks and told me to keep the beef jerky. Best mistake ever. Thanks guys and I'll be reordering

Very Tasty!

Prompt delivery of my order! :-) Tasty product

Great texture and taste!

This is by far the best meat stick my daughter and I have ever had. The texture is melt-in-your-mouth perfect, and the BBQ taste is smoky perfection. We can't get enough, and have, and will, reorder time and time again.

Favorite snack

The BBQ chicken sticks are my family's favorite go-to snack. Pair with a string cheese, and you've got a protein packed snack that you can take on the go. The flavor is really good, and I like the softer consistency as opposed to more traditional jerky which is really tough.

Good taste - high price

I love these sticks are they are plenty flavorful but low(er) on calories and fat. The price, however, is very high on a per unit basis.