100 Pounds of Jerky? YUP!

100 Pounds of Jerky? YUP!

With stocking up as important as ever, Chef’s Cut is excited to launch our newest product, a 100-Pound bag of our famous, tender, Original Recipe jerky. Forget the days of buying a bag in the store each week or subscribing online, just buy the 100-Pounder instead! At 1600 Oz., it’s more than 228x bigger than our current biggest bag (7 Oz.). For just $3,000, it’s the biggest and best deal in jerky!

Pros and Cons of Our 100-Pound Bag of Jerky


  • 16,000 grams of protein per bag
  • Savings of over $800 compared to buying the same volume in our current bags
  • Great snack for your car (if your trunk is big enough)
  • If you only ate this, it would last you for 72 days (based on a 2,000-calorie diet)


  • May have to take some shelving out of your pantry to make room for it
  • Not vegan-friendly

If you're on the fence, just listen to what our customers have to say about it:

"My mailman threw his back out delivering it to me, but other than that, great snack!"

Michael H.

1 APR 2020, 12:21

"It's jarring when you see it. Bigger than both of my nieces combined!"

Rossie S.

1 Apr 2020, 14:42

"I wanted to redo our garage, but my wife wanted to use the $3,000 for the 100-Pounder. Well, happy wife, happy life. Only 97 pounds go to!"

Nick M.

1 Apr 2020, 12:21

For real though...

If you love Chef’s Cut, but maybe not THAT much, shop any of our regular-sized options in our store and have a Happy April Fool’s Day!


Get 25% off your entire order using code APRIL25 so save now, and that's no joke!

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