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Where can I buy Chef’s Cut Real Jerky?

CCRJ products are sold at various retailers across the U.S. and our store list is rapidly growing with new additions like Costco, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and more. You can use our store locator on our website to search for a store near you.

Which location do you sell the 14oz. bag?

We sell the Original and Chipotle 14oz bags in select Costco’s.

Which flavor jerky sells in the 14-oz. bag?

Currently, we only sell the Original and Buffalo Chicken in 14oz bags.

What online retailers sell Chef’s Cut Real Jerky?

You can buy our jerky on or on our own website @ - please us promo code CHEFS20 for a 20% off your first online order.

Where is the jerky made?

All CCRJ products are made in America. We have two production facilities located in Michigan and Idaho.

What is the size of your packages and do you make a larger bag?

We currently only have our 1.25 oz., 2.5 oz., and 1.0 oz. bags available for purchase on our website. We do have a larger 5.5oz, 7 oz. and 14 oz. that is exclusively available at some larger format retailers.

How much does a bag cost?

MSRP: Between $5.99-$7.99.

Is Chef’s Cut gluten free?


Is Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Dairy Free?


Do you use MSG?

No! Chef’s Cut Real Jerky does not use MSG in our products and never has.

Are there any artificial preservatives in the jerky?


Are there any Nitrites or Nitrates?

No – except those naturally occurring in Celery powder and sea salt
Some of your products contain soy protein.

Is the soy protein a GMO or GMO-free ingredient?

Our soy protein does contain GMO. The United States (85%) and Argentina (98%) produce almost exclusively genetically-modified (GM) soybeans. Producers and government officials in the U.S. and Argentina do not see a reason to keep GM and conventionally bred cultivars separate – whether during harvest, shipment, storage or processing.

Are GMO soybeans safe?

Chef’s Cut’s raw materials are approved, monitored and reviewed throughout the production process in accordance with USDA-FSIS and FDA regulations, and industry best-practices. The GM soybeans we use are approved without restrictions and are treated just like conventional soybeans.

What are the average calories per serving?

Our average calorie count per 1 oz. serving is about 80 calories. This is very low for jerky products and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are not only low in calories, but we are also high in protein AND low in fat.

Which flavor has the lowest amount of sugar?

Our Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky has the lowest amount of sugar with 1 gram per 1 oz. serving.

Which flavor has the lowest amount of sodium?

Our Honey Barbecue Chicken Jerky has the lowest amount of sodium with 190 mg per 1 oz. serving.

Garlic and onion inquiry.

All Chef's Cut Real Jerky products are produced in USDA-approved production facilities located regionally throughout the United States. Some Chef's Cut Real Jerky products contain one or more of the "Big 8" Food Allergens, which are listed as Allergens on each product's label on the back of the package below the product's ingredient statement. The only varieties of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky that contain onion or garlic are Honey Barbecue Chicken, Backyard Barbecue Pork, and Sriracha Uncured Bacon. All other varieties of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky do not contain onion or garlic. Here is a link to the product page on the Chef’s Cut Real Jerky website: Chef's Cut Real Jerky

Chef's Cut Real Jerky only uses ingredients that are FDA-approved and Gluten-Free certified. We understand the difficulty of food allergies, so please do not consume any food products, including Chef's Cut Real Jerky, if you think or know that you are allergic to ingredients that are listed in a product's ingredient statement. If you are not sure if you are allergic to a particular ingredient in a product's ingredient statement, you should not eat the product until you consult with your doctor.

Online Orders

I've just placed an order, did you receive it?

Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email within an hour confirming we have received your order and are preparing for shipment.

Can I make changes to my order after it's been confirmed?

Once an order has been confirmed, we are unable to make changes to the order.

Can I add more items to an order I placed that hasn't shipped yet?

Once an order has been confirmed, we are unable to add items to the order. Please create a new order for additional items.

What is your return/refund policy? Can I return my order?

We currently only accept returns for damaged products. Every situation is different, please contact us if you experience any inconveniences and we will do our best to make you happy.  

How quickly can I expect to receive a refund after canceling or returning an order?

We will process your refund/return request within 24-48 hours. If a refund is issued, please allow 5-7 business days for the amount to appear in your (payment method) statements.

I just placed an order, when will it ship?

We usually process and ship all orders within 2 business days. During holidays, and other high volume periods it may take longer to ship your order. You will always receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number as soon as we have shipped your order.

How long does shipping take?

Currently we ship out your orders from Michigan, and average transit time is up to 10 business days. We do not offer expedited shipping at this time due to production demands.

Can I track my order? What is my tracking #?

You can track your order by clicking the "track my order" button from the shipment confirmation email you received. You can also track or lookup your order/tracking # on our website here.

Why is my tracking # or link is not working?

Please allow at least up to 24 hours for tracking information to be available from when you received the shipment confirmation email. Unfortunately, often times there is a lag time between when an order leaves our warehouse and when the courier updates with information.
If it has been a few days, and there are still no updates, this will occasionally happen and is normal. Sometimes your package is actually in transit but tracking information is not provided by the courier.
If you are still unable to locate your order, please contact us and we will look into your order and locate it as quickly as we can.

Can I change my shipping address after my order has been confirmed?

There is a very small window to update shipping address once an order has been confirmed. Please contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to update your order with a new shipping address but it cannot be guaranteed change and we will let you know.

My order has shipped but there's a mistake on my shipping address.

Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will work with you and the shipping carrier to update your address.

My order shows it's delivered but it is missing.

Please double check your property/location. If there is a receiving/front desk/office/lobby in the building, courier will leave with them or Courier will sometimes get creative in hiding packages on the property. If you still can’t locate your order, please contact us and we will resend your order.
If the order was shipped via Surepost, sometimes UPS tracking details updates as “delivered” to the post office. Tracking information then transfers to the USPS ID and the order can be tracked with the USPS tracking ID located on the UPS Tracking page under “additional information”.I received my order but it is incorrect or damaged 

Do you ship to APO/Military Personnel addresses?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship to APO/Military addresses.

Can you include a gift note or gift wrapping for my order?

Unfortunately, we are unable to include a gift note or gift wrap orders at this time. 

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