3 Ways to Beef Up Your BBQ Skills

3 Ways to Beef Up Your BBQ Skills

Telltale signs that grilling season is upon us: the weather is warming up, the days are longer... but if you're anything like us, your grill is hot year round. But since the “season” is near, we’re sharing 3 ways to beef up your BBQ skills - from the meat you choose, to how to marinate it, so that you can impress your buddies even more than usual at your next backyard barbecue (you’re welcome).

1. Choose quality cuts of meat

Choosing the right cut of meat matters (we know a thing or two about cuts of meat 😉). So when choosing steak to throw on the grill, consider opting for cuts that are graded choice or above with marbling running through it - the more marbling, the more tender the steak. We all know the king of all steaks may be your first choice, but we implore you to try the lesser known, yet just as (if not more) flavorful and tender Ribeye Cap. You’ll have to ask the butcher for this one, but it’s worth the ask!

2. Cook Low & Slow

For larger and fattier cuts of meat (think pork shoulder, brisket, and prime rib) cooking low and slow is not one way to cook them, it’s the ONLY way to cook them for tender and flavorful meat. Another tip: don’t crowd the grill to allow for more room for the smoke to penetrate the meat entirely.

3. Marinade

If you want your meat to maintain maximum flavor, we suggest marinating for at least 30 minutes and up to 8 hours with sauces like worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and spices like black pepper and rosemary (yum, can we join your next barbecue?).

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