Stick Spotlight: Jordan Ritchie

Stick Spotlight: Jordan Ritchie

This month, our Stick Spotlight meets pepperoni. For September, we’re featuring Jordan from our Chef’s Cut Crew and his “soulstick”: our Turkey Pepperoni stick. “Meat” Jordan, he’s a pepperoni fan - watch him smoke pizza and all sorts of delicious foods @ritchiejordan.

Meet Jordan

Get to know jordan and what fuels HIS lifestyle


What do you do to start your day off right? 

I jump right out of bed and start the hot water kettle for coffee.

Why does the flavor of your "soulstick" speak to you?

Because It’s lean, clean, and packed full of flavor. Life is short and I don’t want to waste any time eating sub-par meat sticks!

What's one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Open every door that comes your way... well maybe just be ready to quickly close it if needed!

Why would you recommend this stick/“soulstick” to your friend?

It’s hard to find a meat stick that’s of the turkey variety and is actually done right! I’ve tried other turkey meat sticks that are just plain boring. This is my new "flavorite" turkey soulstick!

How does Chef’s Cut fuel your lifestyle?

My family and I are always on the go and having a readily available and healthy snack at our fingertips keeps us from getting hangry! I especially enjoy its packability so when I’m out on the trail stocking Fall turkeys a hunting opportunity is never missed! The hunt is over for the best turkey stick!

shop jordan's favorite meat stick

We all love pepperoni, but it’s not exactly known for its health benefits. Insert Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co Turkey Pepperoni Sticks. Made with 100% real turkey, it’s the perfect way to satisfy that pepperoni craving without derailing your diet. 

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