episode 6 fun facts:

    1. All of our products are delicious, filled with premium ingredients and packed with protein - as Fey says, they’re a “protein powerhouse”
      • Jerky: 10g+ protein per serving
      • Biltong: 26g protein per bag
      • Meat sticks: 7g+ per stick
    2. Our protein-packed meat snacks are minimally processed, unlike protein bars (sorry protein bars)
    3. If you’re looking to cut back on sugar or you just prefer a more savory meat snack, you may want to try some of our Zero Sugar snacks.
    4. And if you’re looking to cut calories (unlike Mark), all of our meat snacks are less than 150 calories per serving.

That’s a wrap. School’s out! Have a great summer, JERKY 101 class!

Fey’s Favorite protein snack

With 26g of protein per bag and 0g sugar, we’re bringing the flavor whether you’re cutting back on sugar or just craving a savory meat snack.

Mark’s Favorite protein snack

With 9g of protein and only 60 calories per serving, it’s the perfect way to satisfy that pepperoni craving without derailing your diet.


The Grill Dads are Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey, also known as Mark and Fey. Best friends for more than 20 years, the two started cooking together for dinner parties and casual barbecues. As the hungry crowds grew, Mark and Fey were able to turn their passion for making crave-worthy weekend eats into appearances as guest executive chefs planning sold-out pop-up menus at Los Angeles restaurants.

Mark and Fey won Food Network’s Guy’s Big Project, an original competition reality series created and hosted by Guy Fieri, which led to the launch of their own Food Network series. Leaning into their roles as fathers to young children, appreciation for top-quality proteins, and lovers of ‘dad jokes’, Mark and Fey are now proudly known as the Grill Dads.

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