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1. How does the ambassador program work?

After your application to become one of Chef's affiliates is approved, you will get a unique link to share with your followers. Any website visits and purchases that result from clicking that link, will be credited to you. 

2. Can I join the program? 

Yes, we encourage anyone with an active blog or Instagram with regular content that fall into one of these categories: fitness, health, food, or outdoors lifestyle to apply! We review every application individually. 

3. How much can I make? 

You will earn 15% of every sale made from a referral as a base commission. For example, someone who visits using your unique affiliate url and makes a purchase of $100, you'll get $15. Depending on your blog/Instagram follower base, you may be eligible for a higher commission. 
Qualifying Products are defined as all products purchased from Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co, excluding promotion products*, Gift Cards, all renewal subscription orders.

4. Can I only use banners/creative provided by you? 

No, you may use any creative you deem appropriate to communicate with your audience/followers. Our creatives/banners are only recommendations. 

5. Can I earn from orders I place myself?

No, you do not earn commission on orders that are placed by you. 

6. How do I get paid?

If a purchase is made using your unique referral link within 7 days of visiting our website, you will see the balance on your ambassador dashboard. Your balance will be paid on a monthly schedule via PayPal. 

7. What if I don't have a PayPal account?

At this time, we can only process payments via PayPal. If you do not have an account, we recommend signing up at If it is not an option for you, you can still earn Chef's Cut Real Jerky gift cards using our customer referral program at

8. When will I get paid?

Payments are processed at the end of each month for the previous month. You can track the status of your payments in your ambassador dashboard.

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