Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity

Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co: The Perfect Gluten Free Snack

Gluten-Free Jerky

There is a lot of misinformation about gluten and the importance of excluding it from one’s diet. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear that the gluten-free lifestyle is nothing more than a quirky fad with no valid medical basis. This is far from the truth, however. 

For millions of people, “gluten-free” is not a fashionable lifestyle option but a prerequisite for enjoying good health. That’s what inspired Chef's Cut Real Jerky to create a broad range of tasty gluten-free snacks that would be available to health-conscious consumers at affordable prices. Having said that, let’s take this opportunity to explore the benefits of gluten-free food and the ways that our products can help customers achieve their dietary goals.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein that can be found in various foods, including barley, wheat, rye, and oats. Though it is typically present only in a fairly small proportion, it plays a major role in enabling certain foodstuffs to retain their shape and texture. For example, it is responsible for the uniquely malleable properties of dough and the “chewiness” of certain food.

The Problem with Gluten

Gluten Sensitivity

For most people, gluten is simply a part of their everyday diet; ingesting it leads to no physical discomfort or health complications. However, there is a significant minority of people for whom gluten poses a serious risk to their well-being. Eating products containing gluten—even in trace amounts—can generate a variety of unpleasant symptoms, which may vary substantially from one individual to the next.

It is important to note that what we are describing is not a type of “food allergy.” People who cannot tolerate gluten in their diet have a legitimate medical condition. Here we’ll examine what the medical establishment has discovered about the potentially harmful role of gluten.

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Some people who consume gluten experience what is known as an autoimmune response, where the body overreacts to a specific stimulus by essentially attacking itself. This disorder is known as Celiac disease (alternatively spelled Coeliac disease). In these individuals, ingesting gluten triggers an inflammation of the small intestine that damages the villi of the lining and impairs the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals properly. In turn, this incapacity to manage nutrients can seriously harm other organs of the body. Children who are afflicted with Celiac disease may even suffer permanently stunted growth as a result of diminished organ function.

According to one estimate, Celiac disease afflicts one out of every 133 people.1 It is widely believed that a significantly higher number of people have gluten sensitivity, a related but somewhat less serious disorder. Neither of these medical conditions are curable at the present time, but they can be treated by following a strict no-gluten diet.

There are quite a few symptoms associated with Celiac disease, not all of which will be found in any given sufferer. Furthermore, these symptoms do not strike everyone with the same degree of severity; in some, they are extremely uncomfortable, while others might not detect any changes in their physical condition. If you believe that you may have Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you should consult a qualified medical professional for an official diagnosis.


How Chef's Cut Real Jerky Complements Your Gluten-Free Diet

Chef's Cut Real Jerky - Gluten-Free Snacks

So, what someone with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity do to avoid the symptoms and complications? As we have mentioned, they can improve their health significantly by completely avoiding gluten. However, often cutting certain foods out of a diet can result in nutritional deficiencies and make it difficult to maintain optimal health.

Finding great gluten-free food can be a challenge. Ideally, you want a snack that’s rich in flavor, high in protein, and free of artificial ingredients. Whether you have Celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity, or just a dietary preference, your best bet is to find something that’s naturally gluten-free.

Unfortunately, just because a product should be gluten-free, doesn’t mean it is. Gluten lurks in the oddest of places: soy sauce, candy, seasonings, gravy, even processed meats like hot dogs. How do you know if your jerky is really gluten-free, or just pretending to be? One way is to look for the Certified GF symbol.

Every bag of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky proudly wears the official Gluten Free symbol. You won’t find a trace of corn, rice, or any other starchy wheat substitutes in the list of ingredients of our gluten-free meat snacks. You also won’t see any artificial preservatives, MSG, or nitrites. Instead, you’ll find only real ingredients, all of which are certified gluten-free:

  • Premium cuts of top-round sirloin
  • All white turkey and chicken breast
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Cayenne red pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Garlic powder
  • Honey
  • Molasses
  • And other completely gluten-free ingredients! 

Everything we do at Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is based on one basic premise: great food starts with incredible ingredients and ends with gourmet cooking.

In other words, we don’t let executives dream up recipes in boardrooms. We don’t let machines chop our meat in a factory, and we don’t concoct flavors in laboratories. Instead, we take premium quality meat, hand-cut each piece, slowly marinate it in natural spices and sauces, and then slow-smoke it to tender perfection. And since all of our meats and ingredients are gluten-free, there’s no risk of cross-contamination.

Chef Blair Swiler

Every single recipe is cooked up in the kitchen by our very own Chef Blair, the genius behind the original Chef’s Cut flavor. The result? Snacks you can sink your teeth into, snacks that are as gratifying and delicious as they are natural and authentic—steakhouse quality meat, minus the house, the gluten, and the long waits. When you’re searching for high-quality gluten-free snacks you can buy at reasonable prices, come to Chef’s Cut Real Jerky.




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