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Cutting Meats and Prices.

Any flavor for only $5!
The best jerky starts with the best cuts

We refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to the meats used in our products. By using premium cuts of meat, we’re able to create a truly tender, premium jerky.

Chef-crafted flavors from a real chef

All of our marinades are hand-crafted by Chef Blair. Combined with premium cuts of meat and a proprietary smoking process, the result is a perfectly tender jerky.

Bring on the protein, forget the additives

We feel that premium cuts of meat and real ingredients are excellent on their own. All of our products are gluten-free and contain no nitrites. It's healthy, high-quality protein the way it should be.

Sample 2.5oz Bag
Sample 2.5oz Bag
Price per bag $5.00
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There’s no junk here. Our meats are hand-cut and slowly marinated with real ingredients and slow-smoked to tender perfection. Where you start is as important as where you end. And we only start with the highest quality ingredients.

Price: $5.00

Premium Meets Portable.