Chef's Charcuterie Board

Chef's Charcuterie Board

When we entertain guests, we prefer to do it with food. And no appetizer can impress the way a well-executed charcuterie board can. When you think of charcuterie ingredients, you think of dried meats – sound like anything we might know about?

That’s right - the secret ingredient to some of our best appetizer boards is jerky. With how tender our jerky and biltong are, they add a nice change in texture to some of the tougher dried meats you’d traditionally use. It’s a quick, easy solution to add some chef-crafted flavors and quality meats to your next gathering, and we can’t recommend it enough.


Here are a couple tips we like to follow when making a charcuterie board:

Make sure there’s variety in texture.

If you have something tender like our jerky, contrast that with something that has a little more bite to it.

Mix Sweet and Savory.

So many common charcuterie ingredients are incredibly salty. It’s important to think of the board holistically and add a range of flavors. For example, our Teriyaki jerky has a bit of sweetness to it, which could be a great contrast to the saltiness of something like salami.

Add Herbs and Fresh Elements.

Again, treat your board like a dish! Round out the flavor profile with fresh herbs that add elements of both freshness and flavor.





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