New Protein Snack Packs

Pocket Size Platter

The Perfect, Portable Snack

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky. 100% Real dehydrated cheese. It’s that simple. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in flavor. Protein snacks have become so obscure and artificial – this is anything but that. It’s meat. It’s cheese. It’s ready to go anywhere.

Made From Real, Simple Ingredients

What’s not in it is probably more telling than what is. No nitrites, nitrates, or MSG - and it’s gluten-free. Our chef uses carefully-selected, real ingredients that are high in protein and low in calories. It’s snacking without any compromise or guilt. 

A Cheese Snack That’s Actually Made of Cheese

A novel concept, right? This isn’t made from “cheese product” or something “cheese flavored”. It’s just cheese. Our dehydrating process preserves our cheese in a way that makes it shelf-stable without refrigeration, and it maintains all of its nutritional value. 

A Meat and Cheese Board To-Go

Enjoy the snack that you truly deserve – real, protein-packed ingredients that will fill you up when the mid-day cravings hit. Whether it’s in the office or out on the trails, fine dining is always just a pack away. So, go ahead, and Take the Chef With You.

Take The Chef With You

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